The Tea Party Is Dead? Could Have Fooled Me…

In April 2010, Fox featured an article by a supposed marketing genius who believes the Tea Party movement will not survive because it lacks a marketing plan and a cohesive central command.  From Fox: “John Tantillo is a marketing and branding expert who markets his own services as ‘The Marketing Doctor.’ He writes frequently for Fox News Opinion and is author of “People Buy Brands, Not Companies.”

Tantillo doesn’t seem to understand the combined principles of subsidiarity and solidarity – personal responsibility and “e pluribus unum.” A “cohesive central command” only yields a Karl Rove type operation – good as far as it goes, but not good enough for e pluribus unum.

Soviet-style central planners like the intelligent but intuitively dull (and sad) White House and federal bureaucrats will never get it. They just can’t grasp that there’s more to marketing than cute, 2,000 page bills full of rules and regulations. It’s a perpetual power lust despots have always had.

When I picked up a can of Chinese–produced peaches in Bakersfield, part of the “Breadbasket of the World,” I took an engineering viewpoint – What did it take in human skills, materials, water, production equipment, plant facilities, agronomics, personnel, and transportation to put that can on my grocer’s shelf?

The Tea Parties are more aware of the diverse gifts, talents, desires, and assets it requires putting a product on the shelf, even a can of peaches! How many are victims of EPA overreach? It’s far too complicated for a “progressive” totalitarian mindset to grasp.

While they are real human challenges, race and ethnicity are not complete definitions of diversity. Just like the can of peaches, it takes a myriad of God-given gifts and talents, plus a grand sense of stewardship of the Earth. These include subduing her raw materials into usable crops, equipment, and components that put men and women to work in widely diverse ways to match their widely diverse God-given gifts and talents – especially if they have the opportunity to share in the rewards of personal stewardship. That is what most folks call free enterprise, anathema to White House operatives, jihadists, and all too many “progressive” legislators.

As Tantillo says in his book title, “People buy brands, not companies.”  The Tea Party brand is all about the “company” – the Constitutional Republic the Founders gave us – if we can keep it. Like well prepared food, all races and ethnic groups are welcome to enjoy the brand. If they do, we’ll all be able to pursue happiness as they buy into “the company.” Now let’s see if there’s enough intelligence in our Two-Party system to buy the “brand.”

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