An American Transformation- From Melting Pot To Multi-Culture Cesspool

Over the course of my life, I have met many people who have either had parents or grandparents migrate to the United States from foreign lands.

The majority of them came in through Ellis Island. They were background-checked, checked for disease, and most importantly, taught how to become American citizens by learning our language, our culture, and American history. They were given the chance to learn about the visions that our Founding Fathers had set out to accomplish to insure Freedom and Liberty for all.

Meanwhile, they maintained their belief systems and customs and only used their native language inside their homes, as they had realized that being an American meant that you spoke English while in public, which they encouraged their offspring to do. They were not African-American, Asian-American, Middle Eastern-American….they were AMERICAN! They all worked hard to achieve the American dream, served in our military, and became the best free people that they could be.

Over the course of time, things have drastically changed.

When you have people like George Soros and the organizations he funds advocating for people to come here from other countries and drag their baggage with them, demanding that America change her policies and compromise her principles to cater to their customs and lifestyle, what you get is: PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH!

The migrants of today are not taught how to be an American, they do not know or respect OUR customs (which, by the way, is abundantly clear by the actions of the current occupant in the White House), and it seems that they want to turn America into the place that they left. As American politicians continuously rely more on the United Nations and less on the US Constitution, eventually, this will not end well. As Americans have already seen cases where the American flag is NOT allowed to be displayed by American students at school on Mexican holidays, our President is stopping deportations of illegal aliens and releasing more who have committed crimes against American citizens from jails, refuses to close our borders, and has continuously pushed for amnesty for those who are already here illegally–which will cause more of a drain on the American economy.

America has been transformed into nothing more than a multi-cultured cesspool.

In order to get back on track, we need to close and patrol the borders, remove the United States from the United Nations, and remove the United Nations from the United States. The time is long past due for a modernized version of Ellis Island where migrants can be taught how to be Americans before they are turned loose in the country. Only then can America once again become the beacon of Freedom and Liberty for the world.

As always, fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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