Explaining Sharia Law, Part 3: Its Only Tangible Product Is…

The everyday rules for how Muslims must live their lives come from the Qua’ran. Hate has been codified into Sharia Law. Sharia Law is a plan for worldwide dominance of Islam with all other humans being held as slaves- often sex slaves living in misery.

The cruelty displayed by the Boko Haram is a reflection of true Islam, not an aberration. These seventh century creatures are merely following what they have been taught by their leaders. It is doubtful that most, if any, of this band of animals even knows how to read; so it’s a good bet they have been spoon-fed the hatred that drives them onward.

In Kuantan, the capital of Malaysia’s third largest state, where Sharia rules people’s lives, an apologist for Islam’s barbaric nature recently said “Islam already protected the rights of all, regardless of race, language or religion.” The truth is that “all” are safe, provided those not born Islamists convert to Islam under threat of death or enslavement. “Apostasy is very dangerous to our faith” he said.

A recently released survey of anti-Semitism around the world revealed that 93% of Palestinians are anti-Semites. Yet, Muslims outside of the North African and Middle Eastern regions are much less anti-Semitic. This strongly suggests that those living under Sharia Law are taught to hate anyone not a Sharia-adherent Muslim.

Islam’s Sharia-driven war on those they call “infidels,” especially defenseless women, is not just happening in Nigeria at the hands of the Boko Haram. Sudan, another dangerously Sharia-controlled country, is preparing to murder a young mother who is living her life as a Christian (although her father was a Muslim.) To these people, that makes her a Muslim who has left her religion and must die for her “sin.” She is currently under a death sentence and will be hung for her “crime.”

To avoid death at the hands of these animals, she has to renounce her Christian faith, never see her Christian husband again, and presumably raise her children as Islamists. She is eight months pregnant and has a two year old son. Without some kind of intervention, she will be murdered according to the laws of The Religion of Peace.

This is what Sharia Law brings. Let Muslims force Sharia into our courts and, eventually, we will see these atrocities here; don’t kid yourself about that.


Photo credit: Steve Rhodes (Flickr)

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