This Democrat Publicly Advocated Punching Women In The Face

American Idol runner-up, outspoken homosexual, and plastic surgery enthusiast Clay Aiken has recently added “leftist politician” to his eclectic curriculum vitae.

Following a close congressional primary election in North Carolina, the crooner’s opponent died unexpectedly in his home. That development erased the possibility for a possible runoff election and cleared the way for Aiken’s bid in the general election.

While the Democrat is seen by many of his fans and casual observers as a congenial fellow, some of his since-deleted social media comments reveal a much darker side of his personality. As conservative blog recently reported, one of his Twitter posts expressed his desire to physically assault conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

The left, while promoting tired rhetoric regarding a conservative ‘war on women.’ has frequently turned a blind eye toward legitimate threats made by political allies against the fairer sex. This tweet is just one example. Though Aiken took down the offensive post prior to his pursuit of political ambitions, responses by other users kept his message alive.

Some disagreed with his suggestion of violence but advocated the suspension of free speech for those with whom they ideologically disagree.

Shortsighted social media comments have led to unfortunate results for public figures on both sides of the aisle since sites like Facebook and Twitter became ubiquitous in American culture. Still, Aiken’s ability to post absurd one-liners was so glaring that even left-leaning picked up on it.

As his campaign heated up earlier this year, the site posted a list of cached tweets he deleted prior to announcing his candidacy.

One prior tweet in particular earned him accusations of racism. He announced that he was playing a “drinking game” during the 2012 Republican National Convention in which participants “drink every time we see a black person” in the audience. He concluded that he was “#soberasamormon.”

As he moves closer to securing a congressional seat in the upcoming election, one wonders if these past indications of intolerance and violence will surface again.

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