You Won’t Believe Why This White Reporter Was Kicked Out Of This Conference

As Progressives Today reported in its exclusive four-part series, the city of Madison, Wis. hosted a disturbing conference earlier this year. Speakers used the event to bash Caucasians as inherently oppressive based entirely on their skin color.

The conclusion of that series exposed some disconcerting facts about how attendees view whites while uncovering some inherent contradictions in organizers’ stated ideology.

When a white reporter attempted to gain access to a workshop, he was promptly escorted out of the venue by an organizer.

“It can feel, for some people of color, unsafe,” the instructor said of his presence at the event. “Not universally – like, in your group, everybody was fine; but for some people it can feel like, oh, I don’t…”

The reporter chimed in, asking if it was his skin tone that made others feel unsafe.

“Exactly. Exactly,” she repolied. “And it’s not because you’ve done anything. You seem like a perfectly fine person; but it’s because of experiences they’ve had with others.”

Of course, the race-obsessed left has incessantly harped on the assertion that judging a race based on the actions of a few amounts to racism. Such selective observations, however, are needed to perpetuate a claim such as white privilege.

According to this skewed philosophy, it can be impossible for minorities to thrive under the constant oppression of the majority. Paradoxically, that claim was refuted by one of the conference’s workshop leaders.

Arriving in his red sports car, ex-con Victor Woods told the audience how they could learn from his successes – by ponying up $25 to purchase his book.

“This is America,” he explained, where anyone can achieve anything. “Eyesight’s right in front of you. Vision is what you see down the road. Work ethic. Perseverance.”

He explained that “the world opens up for a man or woman who knows where they’re going.”

That message seems to run contrary to the overarching message of helplessness inherent in the white privilege mantra.

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