What Rampant Violence Forced This Chicago School To Do Is Unimaginable

A high school principal in crime-ridden metropolitan Chicago took a drastic step in an effort to keep students safe from deadly forces at work in the community.

Recent reports indicate students are now prohibited from loitering outside after school for any length of time. They have also been instructed to secure a new route home.

The move came after a particularly violent week that included six separate shootings in the vicinity over a two-day period. Included in the school’s directive is a specific neighborhood in which a teen was shot and killed shortly after school let out Monday.

Students are being urged not only to leave school immediately after the closing bell, but to also be more vigilant in recognizing potential dangers around them.

Though parents and administrators are understandably concerned for their safety, many students remain unworried about the potential threats posed by gun-toting thugs in the vicinity of their school.

“You have to walk these streets every day,” DeMario Falls explained. “I know my way around the neighborhood – and I know people, and I don’t feel like they would do harm to me.”

With random acts of violence so prevalent in the Windy City, such an outlook might strike some as dangerously naïve. He’s not alone in expressing an indifferent attitude, though.

Josh Tomaszewski asserted that there is “nothing that happens too much over here,” concluding that “it’s all good.”

For others in the community, however, the danger is clear and present.

Curie High School also hosts other events, including an evening workout session held Wednesday evening. One participant, Gabriela Perez, expressed distress over the threat of violence all around her.

“Pretty scary,” she stated. “You can’t be safe anywhere.”

In a city under the control of gun-grabbing leftists, the only defense law-abiding citizens have against armed criminals seems to be keeping off the streets.

Photo credit: Frank Kehren (Creative Commons)

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5 comments to What Rampant Violence Forced This Chicago School To Do Is Unimaginable

  • stevor

    Gee, Rahm is doing a wonderful job, isn’t he? Oh well, they reap what they sow, having been the crime/mafia capital that spawned o’bama

  • ccfonten

    So sad that these kids cannot have a decent education, intact family unit of one mom and one dad, much less safety in school and in their neighborhood.
    Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • Carol

    It is so sad that students aren’t safe to go to school and they aren’t allowed to stay a little bit later at school because it is so dangerous.

    I always felt so safe at school because there was so much going on at home and knew my brother-in-law couldn’t rape me but I guess it isn’t that way anymore.

  • Cami W

    I wonder where are the police, no police there on campus?

  • Carolyne

    Last year Emanuel enlisted the Black Muslims to help the Chi police patrol the streets. Guess that didn’t work either. But if he asked the Muslim Brotherhood to enforce Sharia Law, probably things would be better. At least girls wouldn’t be raped so often since Sharia Law requires they not leave their homes without a male relation and to cover themselves with body bags.