Miller Convincingly Wins Alaska Republican Assembly Straw Poll

Anchorage, Alaska. May 27, 2014 – Over the weekend, U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller handily won the Alaska Republican Assembly’s straw poll, garnering 76 percent of the vote, with Mead Treadwell taking 18 percent, and Dan Sullivan 6 percent.

The Republican Assembly conducted the poll at its annual convention, which took place in Wasilla on Saturday. Other winners of the poll included Ted Cruz for President, Sean Parnell for Governor, and now Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan for Lieutenant Governor.

“Joe’s victory in the Republican Assembly’s straw poll over the weekend reflects the campaign’s strong grassroots support,” said spokesman Randy DeSoto. “We also saw it last month when hundreds of supporters came out for the campaign launch, and the momentum continues to build statewide.”

The Alaska Republican Assembly, along with its parent organization the National Federal of Republican Assemblies (“NFRA”), describes itself as the “Republican Wing of the Republican Party.” The group is committed to keeping the Party true to its platform of limited constitutional government, free market capitalism, a strong national defense, and traditional values. It does so through grassroots activism and supporting true conservative candidates for office. The Republican Assembly identifies with the principles championed by Ronald Reagan.

Featured speakers at Saturday’s Alaska Republican Assembly Convention included Rev. Rafael Cruz (father of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz), Sharron Angel (current president of NFRA), Willes Lee (Pacific NW Vice President of NFRA), and Sheriff and author Richard Mack.

Miller carried a reform message, in the vein of the Republican Assembly, to the GOP state convention in Juneau last month. He exhorted the delegates to resist the temptation to water down the Party platform, especially with regards to traditional values (life and family), along with other core issues. Quoting Reagan’s call to raise a banner of “bold colors, no pale pastels,” he said, “If you want to defeat Mark Begich this fall, getting rid of the Reagan coalition is the wrong way to do it.”

“People realize Joe is the real deal. I believe that was reflected in this past weekend’s Republican Assembly straw poll results,” said DeSoto. “What he says is not just campaign rhetoric, but a real commitment to help change the current disastrous direction of our country and to restore constitutional government.”

Joe Miller is a husband, father, combat veteran, and advocate of Constitutional liberty who believes in individual rights, private property, free markets, and the sanctity of human life.

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