What Did Obama Know, And When Did He Know It?

During the investigation of the Watergate Scandal, Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) asked out loud, “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” This is a good question to ask the current resident of the White House. For although a very smart man (according to the left), Mr. Obama appears to be pretty damned ignorant of the various scandals happening on his watch. If the One only learns about Regime scandals from the media, he needs to fire his staff. After all, if these people are not telling him anything AND letting him get into trouble, he doesn’t need them. Besides, the faux outrage he employs when “learning” about the scandals—clearly a calculated political ploy–has been overdone.

What he knew and when

After the 2008 election, the office of the president-elect’s transition team was briefed by the Bush Administration about the long waiting times and scheduling issues at Veterans Administration (VA) facilities. Senator Obama had already used problems with the treatment of veterans as an emotional campaign issue in 2008.

In April of 2010, the VA’s Deputy Undersecretary of Health for Operations and Management revealed the administration knew of inappropriate scheduling practices. The tactics included telling patients of VA facilities to call back for appointments in 30 days in order to make it appear that there was not a long delay to see a doctor. Such a manual logging system made it easier to hide long wait times from inspectors. Appointments were also routinely cancelled and rescheduled in order to reduce apparent wait times.

The mainstream media have been reporting VA mistreatment for years, so why is Barack only learning about it now? Must have been too busy playing golf or pandering to gay athletes.

How will the VA scandal affect Obamacare?

Not long ago, the left promoted the VA as a national leader in health reform. It was the Democrat Party’s shining example of how wonderfully efficient government controlled healthcare would be. Well, the alternative media have not forgotten. The VA scandal is now an indicator of what Obamacare will do to the American people. Healthcare will be rationed by bureaucrats; and ailing Americans will be condemned to death, at least in part, by the corrupt manipulation of a waiting list.

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