Disgusting: These ‘Celebrations’ Are Growing In Popularity

With the divorce rate hovering at around 50 percent for first marriages, and even higher for subsequent unions, the dissolution of what was designed to be a lifelong commitment has become all too common in today’s culture. In fact, event planners now report so-called ‘divorce parties’ are the new craze among those going through such a breakup.

“I’ve taken to naming them freedom fests,” event planner Richard O’Malley told a New York Fox affiliate, “as you aren’t celebrating the end of the marriage but the freedom you have chosen in your life.”

Florida chef Lisa Stevens takes a similar approach, calling her contributions “freedom cakes.”

She said she now receives an average of one divorce cake order per month.

O’Malley explained some of the cake designs for these events include a violent take on the traditional bride and groom figures, or an edible version of divorce papers. As for the parties, he said they sometimes offer a spin on a wedding ceremony.

“We set up a chapel-looking area,” he said of one $25,000 event for a divorced woman; “and her father walked down the aisle by himself to take her back, instead of give her away.”

Some of these events are actually hosted by the former couple, which, one might imagine, could present some awkward potentialities. Nevertheless, Texas resident Steve Wolf said he put together such a party with his ex-wife.

“We wanted to do something that expressed the fact that we were doing the divorce not so much as an end of our relationship but as us moving into things like co-parenting and co-business management,” he reasoned.

Wolf explained his wife works for him, though it is unclear from his statement why the couple could not be parents and co-workers while remaining married. The party included a lemon cake – a mutually enjoyed flavor – baked by his ex-wife.

“We cut the cake together like we did the wedding cake 10 years before,” he said. “When life gives you lemons, make lemon cake.”

His jocular approach to divorce included no mention of the effect it will have on the three young boys they produced as a couple.

Florida cake designer Larry Bach called such events “a healthy thing,” explaining he has seen an increase in requests for items like an “upside-down cake” since he filled the first order for a divorce party about eight years ago.

“When my sister got divorced about 25 years ago,” he explained, “she and my mother went into mourning. Divorce was so embarrassing in those days.”

It has now apparently become a cause for celebration.

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