When Heroes Are Zeroes

With yet another famous American War Hero embroiled in controversy, I’m asking myself, “At what point do these people stop getting a free ride on the backs of Americans?”

Sen. Daniel Inouye became the longest “serving” member of Congress when then-longest serving Senator (and former Chapter Leader of the KKK) Robert Byrd died in 2010. At the time of Inouye’s death, he was the most senior U.S. Senator and the second longest serving U.S. Senator in history.

Inouye was a celebrated World War II hero, and for good reason. He lost his right arm fighting Germans in Italy with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. The army unit was made up of Japanese Americans from Hawai’i and the mainland. These mostly 2nd generation boys volunteered to fight for the United States and were deployed to the battlefields of Europe–as they were not trusted to fight their own ethnicity in the Pacific. The 442nd is legendary in Hawai’i, and Daniel Inouye tops the list of the “local boy” heroes.

In 2011, during the lead up to the disastrous reelection of  Barack Hussein Obama/ Barry Soetoro/Soebarka, another Hawai’i career politician was making news. I wrote a book entitled, “Memoirs of a Community Organizer from Hawai’i” for the purpose of creating a record of my political activism from the perspective of a home-grown Hawaiian Islander with inside information of Hawai’i’s involvement in Obama’s identification fraud.

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote about Inouye and the then-3rd oldest member of the Senate, Daniel Akaka:

Early in March of 2011, Daniel Akaka, career politician from Hawai’i, announced that he would not run for reelection in 2012. The third-oldest member of the Senate became the fifth Democrat to tell Obama of a plan to retire. Hawai’i’s other senator, Daniel Inouye, became the oldest living and longest serving senator when Robert C. Byrd, Democrat from West Virginia, passed away on June 28, 2010. Sen. Inouye would not be able to help Daniel Akaka in 2012 with financial support, as he provided in 2006 to the tune of $300,000, prompting Akaka to announce his retirement.

The two long serving Hawai’i senators brought home billions of dollars in earmarks to the island state of 1.4 million people. Sen. Daniel Inouye’s reputation took a hit when it became known that Central Pacific Bank, of which he was a founder and in which he had personal assets of as much as $700,000, received $135 million of federal bailout money. The FDIC had already said the bank did not meet criteria to receive funds, but a phone call from Inouye’s office to the FDIC prompted approval of TARP funds for Inouye’s hometown bank. There is no law against the obvious conflict of interest because congressional rules leave that discretion to the members themselves, a policy that most definitely needs to change.

Most of the pork projects that earned Hawai’i second place in government earmarks were brought home by Inouye, self-proclaimed “number one earmarks guy in the U.S. Congress.”

Recent talk of a ban on earmarks in the newly elected Republican House will severely curtail or eliminate Inouye’s ability to bring home the bacon. Financial aid for native Hawaiians for health, education, and cultural programs will be on the chopping block as well as funds long enjoyed by the Hawai’i Chamber of Commerce and the University of Hawai’i–through which our tax dollars bought and paid for the new Marxist, socialist, communist governor (and former towel attendant at the congressional fitness center in Washington, D.C.), Neal Abercrombie.

What happened to Inouye? Was he part of the military industrial complex that his friend across the aisle, John McCain, is now spearheading? Inouye’s motivation was obviously money, but McCain’s actions are far more nefarious. He is complicit in the conspiracy to defraud the American people by covering up his involvement in Obama’s identity fraud.

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