Sharia Law: John Kerry Demands DNA Before Helping Persecuted American Christian Family

AUTHOR UPDATE: Meriam Ibrahim has given birth to a daughter, Maya. Sudan has announced that she will be given 2 years to nurse the child before carrying out the sentence.

DNA proof? Who could provide DNA proof on short notice to the State Department in a dangerous foreign country?

Please pray for the Ibrahim/Wani family, who are now in the clutches of seventh century Islamists and have nowhere to turn.

The worst nightmare of every American in a foreign country is coming true for them. Meriam, the eight months pregnant mother, will be executed; their 20 month old baby son Martin is imprisoned; he and his unborn sibling will be forced to live as Muslims; and when the father Daniel begged John Kerry’s State Department for help, they shut the door in his face. They are demanding DNA proof of his claims before they will act!

Malicious thugs have taken Meriam Ibrahim, an eight months pregnant Christian woman, into custody and “tried” her for the “crime” of refusing to be “re-converted” to Islam. Acting under color of the cruelty commanded by Sharia Law, these cowards have actually sentenced Meriam to suffer 100 lashes after she delivers her baby and before she is executed. In the psychotic minds of these mongrels, they are showing her and her unborn baby “mercy” by waiting until the child is born.

Daniel Wani, Meriam’s husband and Martin’s father, is an American citizen who is a Christian. This is the basis of her “crime.” Meriam was raised a Christian by her Christian mother. In the violently anti-woman world of Islam, the fact that her father was a Muslim makes her a Muslim; and that means she has committed a crime punishable by death in the twisted logic of Sharia Law. Given a chance to “reconvert” to Islam, denounce her Christian faith and her marriage to her Christian husband, and then raise her children as Muslims, Meriam has refused.

In the face of such a dire situation, the only hope this family of Christian Americans has is intervention by a State Department led by the cowardly John Kerry. Daniel, the frantic husband and father, who is acknowledged by the American government as an American citizen, has tried to make the case for State Department intervention–but has been denied relief.

He has presented both Martin’s birth certificate and his wedding documents showing that this is indeed an American family comprised of American citizens, but John Kerry’s feckless punks at the U.S. Embassy in Sudan have demanded DNA and actually shut the door in Daniel’s face!

So where is the Left’s outrage? Where is the Right’s outrage? Where is the Congressional Black Caucus’ outrage? Where is NOW’s outrage? Where is the demand for action from America’s Christians?

Every American in a foreign country who gets in trouble should have the feeling that, “If we can only get to the U.S. Embassy, everything will be okay.”

What has happened to that belief during the years of the America-hating Obama Regime?

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