New Movement Seeks To Mobilize Female Patriots

Earlier this month, retired U.S. Army Gen. Paul Vallely announced the formation of a new conservative movement he calls “Women at War for America.”

The announcement came during the MI-CPAC event in Lansing, Mich., as Vallely recalled the importance of interacting with values-driven women in developing the coalition. The Vietnam War veteran and chairman of Stand Up America explained that a meeting with conservative activist Arleen Allen led to his burgeoning association with several other female leaders who share a passion for protecting ideals such as lower taxes and a limited government.

He criticized the left’s declaration of a supposed Republican “war on women” as its “latest attempt to create an ‘us versus them’ mentality among voters.”

By harnessing the already existing passions of conservative women across the U.S., Vallely said the resulting effort could have widespread implications for the nation’s future.

“These women would be an army,” he said, “and their weapon would be truth.”

A number of women in attendance responded enthusiastically upon hearing the call to action.

“The men in Washington will tell you how to get something done,” said attorney Cleta Mitchell, who also addressed attendees at the event. “A woman will get it done.”

21st Century Women’s Alliance of Michigan President Karen Faett said she is ready to take a leadership position within the fledgling campaign.

“What a privilege and honor it is to have Gen. Vallely bestow this level of confidence in us and designate today as the beginning of a movement which will sweep the country,” she said.

So-called ‘platoons’ of participants are already beginning to form, with the first having met in Lansing with Vallely to build the foundation of the movement. A Facebook page has been established for those interested in keeping up with the coalition.

Women hoping to form a regional platoon may inquire via the “Women at War for America” Facebook page or by emailing Faett at

Photo Credit: Facebook/Karen Faett


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