The Left Doesn’t Care About The Military Or Veterans

I remember very well an incident in the early nineties when Bill Clinton was president.  Lt. Gen. Barry McCaffrey was entering the White House and said “Good morning” to a female staffer exiting the building. “I don’t talk to military,” was her response.  Then there was the famous decision by Clinton immortalized in the movie Black Hawk Down.  Clinton refused AC-130 gunship support during the daylight raid on the warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid’s compound, resulting in our most elite soldiers battling an entire city without appropriate air cover.  Eighteen Americans died, and their bodies were dragged through the streets.  Clinton started a Democratic tactic by blaming the first Bush, who had ordered twenty thousand U.S. Marines to Somalia to feed the people.  Clinton forgot to mention he had sent the Marines home.

Barack Obama has picked up where Clinton left off.  The VA scandal aside, Obama has refused to listen to his military commanders on the ground when making decisions regarding force structure in overseas conflict zones.  His decisions to remove troops from Iraq without regard to the future ramifications to American security dishonors the sacrifice of thousands of dead and wounded American military.  What better way to disgrace their efforts than to make their sacrifice useless?  We still have troops in Germany, Japan, Korea, etc.  But we don’t have a stabilizing force in Iraq where we could have provided a long term Pax Americana to the region and fostered our children’s security.

Obama is doing the same thing in Afghanistan.  By removing American troops without regard to the situation on the ground, he is opening up the region again for terrorist activity and disgracing the lives and sacrifice of thousands who died in the conflict.  He just doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about our soldiers, their sacrifice, or the future security of America.  He just cares about his leftist agenda.  Judging by the editorials coming out this week in even liberal papers, he is (maybe) finally being called on it.  The jury is still out on that one.

So let’s discuss the news coming out of the Veterans Administration.  We now have confirmation that bureaucrats in the VA purposely falsified documents regarding wait times for soldiers to be provided medical care.  Many died waiting for treatment.  What is Obama’s response?  He goes to the United States Military Academy at West Point and gives a speech, telling the world that he is not weak and he is going to launch an investigation. Well, guess what?  If you have to tell the world you are not weak, you are weak.  And, the world knows it.

But the real scandal is there is no outrage coming from the White House.  Of course there are the obligatory comments about Obama being angry.  However, the left and right can tell that they are not serious.  Why isn’t the president or someone of importance on the ground in Phoenix tearing them a new you-know-what? It’s because they don’t care. It’s not of importance to them. Politics and maintaining power for our communist Democratic party is much more important.  However, judging from the outcry on both sides of the aisle on this one, I think the White House may have really stepped in it this time.

And don’t tell me Obama and the rest of his cronies didn’t know what was going on. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.  Of course they knew.  In fact, I think it was intentional–just like all of the rest of the scandals that have come to light.  The left’s union thugs were making vets wait for medical care so they could get increased bonuses with the support of the administration.  They are just unhappy they got caught this time.  As with all of Obama’s policies, they only care about getting as much from the American people as they can before the lights go out.  The simple truth is the Left doesn’t care about the military or veterans.


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