Irony: Gun-Grabbing Radio Host Wants To Shoot This Conservative

As Western Journalism reported this week, Samuel Wurzelbacher – better known as Joe the Plumber – recently penned an open letter to those who feel Elliiot Rodger’s murderous rampage in Santa Barbara, Calif. was caused by gun rights activists.

In what he admitted is a “harsh” statement, Wurzelbacher concluded that “your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”

While he likely anticipated the criticism of leftists across the nation, his letter sparked yet another on-air tirade by perpetually outraged talk show host Mike Malloy.

The host referred to Wurzelbacher as a “filthy piece of human crap” and a “nutcase” before expressing his desire to murder him in a duel using either “pistols or swords.”

His rant continued as he lamented the fact his newest nemesis is even allowed to draw breath on this earth.

“It just gets me so furious that I have to share a planet with complete, moronic halfwits like Wurzelbacher, Joe the Plumber, who says that his rights to own guns trumps a kid or a young man’s right to life,” he said.

Most Second Amendment advocates contend that firearms – just like knives or cars – should not be banned because a few people misuse them. Those on the other side of the debate, like Malloy, often respond to that position with ad hominem attacks.

“Wurzelbacher,” the host concluded, “you are a piece of human waste and this planet will be a little bit lighter when you’re a— leaves.”

What is perhaps the most outrageous aspect of Malloy’s recent pontification, however, is how common it has become for him to resort to violent imagery to make his point.

Last September, he publicly called for the death of conservative senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee; and just last month, he threatened to shoot members of the National Rifle Association.

While right-wing radio hosts are called out for virtually any potentially offensive comment by many in the mainstream media, outrageous statements by Malloy are virtually ignored.

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