Phil Robertson’s Next Big Appearance Might Just Make You Smile…

As his family’s outspoken patriarch and founder of what has become a successful business empire, Phil Robertson rose to a staggering level of public recognition on the hit A&E reality program “Duck Dynasty.”

The Louisiana preacher, along with the rest of his family, used the forum to proudly proclaim their Christian faith while engaging in backwoods antics that endeared them to millions of faithful viewers. Off-screen, Robertson was similarly candid regarding his personal values. As a result, his Bible-based opinion regarding homosexuality led to a backlash resulting in his temporary suspension from the show.

A&E might have underestimated his popularity, however, as undeniable demand from the program’s loyal audience quickly convinced the network to reconsider its decision and reinstate the elder Robertson.

Since that controversy, he has not shied away from his faith-based stance, even using a recent sermon as a way to defend his values and the Bible’s moral guidelines.

While his detractors might see his forthrightness as a liability, a significant number of Republican leaders apparently recognize the value of his appeal among the party’s conservative voters.

As a result, the Republican Leadership Conference recently announced its lineup of speakers, which includes Robertson as its headlining guest. The release included a number of high-profile politicians, media personalities, and business leaders; however, the vocal Louisianan topped the list.

He will be joined by Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus and other GOP leaders during the first day of the conference this Thursday evening in New Orleans.

“Other speakers at the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference include Governor Rick Perry, Governor Phil Bryant, US Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, & David Vitter; Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Allen West,” the RLC release noted.

The fact that Robertson topped these and other notable speakers might suggest organizers of the event see the inherent appeal of a political outsider able to convey conservative, Christian ideals in a direct and relatable manner. As America saw during the Tea Party’s surge in popularity, the GOP base can and will respond enthusiastically to such a figure.

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