Feeding The Beast: Taxpayer Dollars Funding Total Incompetance

As every single American knows, if you don’t pay your taxes, eventually you will lose your wealth and go to jail. But, what happens to the money when it gets to Washington?

Well, in the case of the VA scandal, some of it was used for performance bonuses for those in the administration who were cooking the books and revising appointment logs that led to the deaths of some of our war heroes. Apparently, the United States government has become a bit confused. Instead of saying “thank  you” to our vets, they said “screw you”.

This will be just another on a long list of scandals from the Obama regime that will amount to nothing. A  couple of people will resign, and there will be some shifting of people to different assignments–and the lap dog media will make it all go away.

Fast and Furious: people died, Holder takes executive privilege after being found in contempt of Congress, and a few key ATF people are shifted to other positions. Nothing to see here; move on.

The IRS scandal: Lois Lerner resigns and is found in contempt of Congress, a few key people are shifted to other positions, and the media shuts it down. Nothing to see here; move on.

The Benghazi slaughter of Americans: “Dude, that was like 2 years ago,” Hillary Clinton resigns as secretary of state, a few key people are moved around, and the media tries to shut it down. Nothing to see here; move on.

The AP scandal: news reporters not in bed with the regime were spied on, and the media just shut it down. Nothing to see here; move on.

The NSA scandal: Edward Snowden blows the whistle on illegal NSA spying and overnight becomes a man without a country. A few people are moved around, and then the media discredits Snowden and shuts the story down. Nothing to see here; move on.

I find it very troubling that in every one of these scandals, not only does the White House have control of the story, but so does the media–especially after many “off the record” meetings with the White House staff.

Unfortunately, we the people, hard working Americans, are funding this entire farce without a choice. We support a complacent, elitist Congress while those who fought for our Freedom are literally dying waiting for hospital care. We fund the lavish vacations of a President who is hellbent on bringing down America. Basically, we are funding a government so large that they soon will be sitting with you in your living room (if they aren’t already.)

But, just as they did with the vets, they aren’t saying “thank you” for our tax dollars; they are saying “screw you!!”

As always, fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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