This Is How Obama Is Essentially Forming “Hitler Youth” Under The Guise Of Common Core

A massive spy ring is feeding information about hundreds of millions of children, teachers, parents, and any “dissidents” into a supercomputer in Washington, making the surveillance state under Hitler look like child’s play.

Children as young as five will be “evaluating” other students and teachers, and “monitoring” political thought at home—this pushed by none other than Michelle Obama—all in the name of “education.”

Under the guise of “academic standards,” Obama’s Common Core standards program is a wholesale federal takeover of the education system. But education has nothing to do with it, as is apparent with the use of ludicrous methods being used to teach basic math, dumbed downed workbooks to teach reading, and having children read openly pornographic short stories and novels in the name of “inclusiveness.”

But it’s all about surveillance and ultimately control of the entire nation. Obama’s far-left education czar Arne Duncan has the goal of tracking (and controlling) your children from pre-school all the way to college—and beyond.

“Hopefully, someday, we can track children from preschool to high school and from high school to college and college to career…” (Education Czar Arne Duncan, June 2009)

That “someday” has arrived thanks to Common Core.

Don’t want Common Core for your kids? Don’t want to be spied on by Obama’s “Hitler Youth”? Too bad. There have been at least two arrests of parents complaining about Common Core, and Obama is just getting started.

Welcome to Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America…”

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