Obama’s POW Exchange Could Have Just Unleashed His Worst Nightmare

According to multiple experts, the Obama administration’s actions in facilitating the release of American prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl was an obvious violation of law and could ultimately result in his impeachment proceedings.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy has a new book in which he details the case of Obama’s impeachment. The recent deal with the Taliban to release five terrorist subjects for Bergdahl’s return, he explains, is yet another route that could lead to charges.

Republican leaders explain Obama himself signed a law last year requiring him to give Congress 30 days’ notice prior to releasing any Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

Aside from the fact that Bergdahl has since been accused of being an Army deserter who expressed his shame about being a soldier and an American, the administration’s handling of his return has become a controversy in itself.

In a recent statement, Rep. Buck McKeon and Sen. Jim Inhofe – both ranking members of their respective armed services committees – explained that Obama not only violated the 30-day notice law but also failed “to explain how the threat posed by such terrorists has been substantially mitigated.”

The Daily Mail cites a White House insider who was stunned by the public backlash against the move, noting administration officials expected “a January 1981 moment” of celebration, as with the release of 52 Americans being held hostage in Iran.

White House sources contended that fears for Bergdahl’s health made his release a priority; however, Press Secretary Jay Carney would not confirm that assertion in a recent press conference.

McCarthy is far more concerned about the release of five dangerous terrorist suspects than in the administration’s failure to give adequate notice to Congress.

He said that “because high crimes and misdemeanors are not statutory offenses but political wrongs that endanger the United States, the return of senior terrorists to the Taliban while we still have soldiers in harm’s way is, in my view, a ‘high crime and misdemeanor.’”

The latest scandal is just one more piece in a puzzle that adds up to a president deserving of impeachment, he explained.

“If it was a standalone, I would never impeach based solely on it,” he said; “but I would add it to a larger indictment.”

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  • Carol

    b couldn’t care less about the truth about this man all he wanted to do is get him out and never so much as thought for one time in space it was wrong to do so.

    This boy and b are the same they don’t care one little bit about the USA and that is the way it is.

  • Barbara E. Taylor

    Just hoping that those who feel as those who served w/ this creep make life miserable for him, in a way that he TRULY DESERVES! Don’t know how that will be, but you can be sure they’ll find a way.