“Captain Chaos” Gives Five For One

It has been a bizarre, even macabre several days.  There was a virtual news blackout concerning Afghanistan for months, and then, all of a sudden:

Obama declares a near total withdrawal by 2016; then at West Point, he rolls out a ‘new’ foreign policy initiative that falls flat, even as an attempt to shift attention away from the VA, IRS, and Benghazi scandals.

He makes a surprise trip to Afghanistan the day before Memorial Day, another staged event to change the conversation.

It is revealed that his staff ‘accidentally’ outed the CIA station chief in Kabul.

A few days later (we learned this week), officials in Qatar were acting as intermediaries between Obama and the Taliban.

Although the Bergdahl release has been discussed for two years, Obama and Co. says there is no time to comply with federal law and give Congress notification of imminent release.

Early Saturday morning, on May 31, Bergdahl’s release in announced, informing the world five highly dangerous Taliban leaders are being released from Gitmo in the deal. Bergdahl’s parents appear with Obama at the White House; and speaking in Arabic, Bergdahl’s father blesses America’s enemies and the god of extremism as the President, looking on, smiles adoringly.

Everyone in the Obama administration denies Bergdahl is a deserter or a traitor, and they all say the release deal had to be rushed because of his failing health, although he walks to the helicopter that flies him to Germany.

The Secretary of Defense says trading captives is not negotiating with terrorists.  He says the trade will forward peace talks.  Taliban leaders immediately release a statement saying they are not interested in peace talks.  Obama’s press secretary and U.N. Ambassador deny he negotiated with terrorists.  Sen. John McCain and Gov. John Sununu say the President and his people are liars.

Haqqani thugs (according to Brad Thor) usually hold hostages for cash only; but somehow this time, coordinating with the Taliban, they settle for five terrorist leaders–so far as we know.

Afghan government officials state their objection to Obama’s action, protesting their exclusion and Obama’s unilateral move.

Many Congressmen on both sides of the aisle say Obama acted illegally.

Many in the U.S. see Obama’s action as both illegal and dangerous, encouraging extremists to kidnap Americans for ransom in the future.

Astute observers wonder if there is a connection between the CIA station chief being named and the deal to release terrorists from Gitmo.

Others wonder if this is the beginning of Obama’s attempt to empty Gitmo by any means.

Meanwhile, soldiers who served with Bergdahl say he deserted and caused the deaths of many fellow soldiers during the ensuing attempt to recover him. Some say part of the spike in casualties in 2010 may be attributed to information supplied to the enemy by Bergdahl.

Capping the whole sorry episode, Americans are reminded that 86% of American casualties in Afghanistan have occurred during Obama’s tenure.

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