An Update On The Liberty Church Project

In this column on May 15, I first told readers about the launching of the Liberty Church Project (LCP). This is a national effort to help folks start non-501c3, unincorporated churches and Christian fellowships. The requests for this kind of help have been multitudinous, and from all over the country. To help with this project, I have enlisted the assistance of several people, including Christian attorneys, a video team, and folks from the Biblical Law Center–not to mention clerical people. This is a major undertaking.

I realized when I announced the LCP that it would require major financial support. I knew the need was there; I knew the desire for such an outreach was felt by many folks around the country, and I knew that I was asking for an unusual amount of funding. I also know that if God wants me to undertake this project, He will touch the hearts of people to support it. Therefore, I am using this column to remind folks of the need to support the Liberty Church Project.

To meet the budgetary needs of the project, I still need $60,000. Specifically, I am looking for 12 people who are willing and able to donate $5,000 to the Liberty Church Project. Obviously, most people could not afford to give such an amount; and I am most grateful to those who are willing to give any amount. But should God touch the hearts of 12 people to give at least $5,000 to the project, we would be off and running quickly.

Right now, the project is on hold, pending sufficient funding. When we know that the funding is there, we will activate the application form on the LCP website so people can begin the process of making requests for us to come and help start these new, non-501c3 churches and fellowships.

Here is the website for the Liberty Church Project:

Liberty Church Project

Mind you, the Liberty Church Project is completely independent and separate from Liberty Fellowship and Chuck Baldwin Live. Please know, too, that I will not use this column to continually ask for support for the Liberty Church Project. I am convinced if God wants me to do this, the need will be met without me becoming a beggar. So, I am making this one last appeal to my readers on behalf of the project.

If you missed my introduction to the Liberty Church Project, here it is:

I Am Launching The Liberty Church Project

In those introductory remarks, I said:

“Over the past couple of years, hundreds of people from across the country have pleaded with me to help them start new independent, unorganized, unincorporated, non-501c3 churches and Christian fellowships. It has become painfully obvious to many patriotic believers that the vast majority of establishment 501c3 churches and pastors have made a deliberate decision to NOT engage the liberty fight. For the most part, these pastors and churches have been completely muzzled by State incorporation and the 501c3 government tax-status. And, sadly, these pastors and churches have absolutely no desire to change. They are cemented in lethargy and indifference. Meanwhile, our nation is spiraling downward toward certain destruction–and the biggest reason for this calamitous situation is the absence of patriot-pulpits.

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