Reports Indicate That Michelle Obama Is About To Get A Lot More Power

Michelle Obama’s astounding level of activism has led many to assume she is not satisfied with merely attaining the status of first lady. As Hillary Clinton proved, someone in her position can effectively use name recognition to energize a political career for which she might otherwise be deemed woefully unqualified.

A recent Reuters report indicates Michelle Obama might be planning a similar move, speculating the likely target of her ambition is a U.S. Senate seat.

Her unparalleled – and incredibly unpopular – mission to turn schools into her own nutritional laboratories is widely seen as evidence that she is more interested in furthering her own agenda than looking out for the welfare of the next generation.

In his report, Keith Koffler suggests that, “at least for now,” Obama is probably more interested in a congressional position than replacing her husband in the White House. He predicts that she would have a decent chance of unseating Republican Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk, despite the fact that his story of recovery after suffering a stroke has made him a difficult incumbent to beat.

Citing her ability to speak publicly about her own plans to increase federal bureaucracy and the relative popularity she enjoys compared to her husband, Koffler wrote that she is in a good position to follow Clinton’s lead and transition from first lady to senator.

He also noted a “Freudian slip” she made during a fundraising speech this week that might have revealed her true desire to move beyond the ceremonial position she currently holds.

Obama told the friendly crowd that many in the audience “were there when Barack and I took office – or I took office alongside – or he took office and I was there,” apparently finding it difficult to admit her name was nowhere to be found on the 2008 presidential ballot.

Considering her admission that she is not a good manager, Koffler concluded a Senate win would allow her to opine on issues important to her leftist agenda “without having the executive responsibilities required of a governor or mayor.”

Her active fundraising schedule, he wrote, would give her a valuable leg up in securing donations for a potential Senate run. Furthermore, he explained she has regularly visited Illinois during her time in D.C., explaining the Obamas maintain a home in Chicago despite the fact that they are virtually never there.

Though many Americans – especially public school students – revile her partisan rhetoric and policy demands, some feel the left-leaning voters of Illinois could provide Michelle Obama with her first foray into elected office.

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  • Sammysdad

    Really, another narcissistic power hungry inept far-left communist in Congress? Hopefully, the people in Illinois are finding out how bad democrats are by watching Emmanuel and his cohorts destroy Chicago. Nothing in this world would make me more elated than to see this woman wiped out by a landslide victory of any opponent. We have already seen what kind of dolt is created from the WH to the Senate, haven’t we?