Bergdahl’s Former Squad Leader Reveals What He Thinks Really Happened…

CNN’s Jake Tapper interviewed Bowe Bergdahl’s former squad leader, former U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Justin Gerleve, on the “The Lead”.  Gerleve says he believes Bergdahl “totally deserted not only his fellow soldiers, but also his leadership.”  When asked by Tapper if he thought Bergdahl was a hero, Gerleve said that Bergdahl is not a hero, and did not serve with honor and distinction.  The true heroes are the soldiers who searched for him.

At least six soldiers were killed searching for Bergdahl in 2009, for which Gerleve blames Bergdahl.  “If he wouldn’t have deserted us, these soldiers very well could have been in a different place at a different time”, said the former Staff Sergeant. But rescuing Bergdahl was the right call, he added.  “No American needs to be left behind.  But, then again, he needs to be accountable for his actions, accountable for what he did, and he needs to withstand a trial.”

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