FAILING GRADES– Crisis In Teaching On University Campuses

Parents across the nation are investing their hard-earned money in a college education for their children. Where is that money really going? The purpose of pursuing a higher education was originally to teach students how to think. In recent generations, more often than not, college students are being told what to think.

Throughout the Western world, the University, once an institution revered for its openness, transparency, and breadth of expression, has become a narrow corner where only views that conform to the politically correct zeitgeist are tolerated. The infusion of ideology into the curriculum, coupled with the unwillingness of university administrations to enforce their own standards of academic excellence, has transformed many of these institutions into little more than hollow intellectual shells, given over to a monochromatic view of the world, deprived of balance.

This leaves us with one very important question: What are the consequences of the collapse of basic academic standards?

Answering this question and more, “Failing Grades — Crisis in Teaching On University Campuses” is an informative International conference, taking place at the University of Southern California, Sunday, June 8 — Monday, June 9, 2014.

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