Would-Be Intruders Get The Surprise Of Their Life!

One resident at an East Point, Ga. apartment complex took decisive action to avoid becoming the latest crime victim in the community. Local police say there have been six break-ins at the complex within just the past week; and when a trio of young men came knocking at one door late last week, the occupant was ready.

The individuals claimed to be police. When the unidentified renter opened the door and they tried to force their way in, however, it was clear she was skeptical from the beginning.

At least one subject pulled a handgun on the resident but quickly learned she had a firearm of her own. The resident drew her handgun and fired three shots, reportedly striking one of the suspects twice.

The woman spoke to a local ABC affiliate on the condition of anonymity, suggesting the attempted break-in could have been “retaliation.”

Two of the three suspects got away and the third – with gunshot wounds to the head and backside – caught by police a short time after the incident. Despite the obvious attempt on her life, the renter’s thoughts remain with the juvenile suspect she shot.

“I just hope the boy is OK,” she said.

As for resident Ramona Ferrell, she is glad her neighbor is safe but is saddened by the impact crime has had in the neighborhood.

She said she was at home when the incident occurred, noting she “knew it was gunshots” and that it “was very close.”

Ferrell noted that such attempts have grown frustratingly common recently.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” she explained. “Something should be done. There’s a lot going on in this apartment complex.”

She concluded that the result of this latest attempt highlights what has become of her community.

“I’m glad she did have something,” Ferrell said, though she noted that it is “sad that you have to walk around as a female with a gun to protect yourself.”

Photo credit: The Knowles Gallery (Creative Commons)

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2 comments to Would-Be Intruders Get The Surprise Of Their Life!

  • william

    That wou7ld never happen in AZ, you have to take a marksman test as part of the training to get a concealed carry permit. But to walk down the street, ,with it strapped to your side, NO paper work required!!

  • The Duck

    Too bad the other 2 got away. It takes practice lots of it, shoot to kill and do not quit firing until the threat is eliminated.
    Hopefully that apartment complex will be more secure.
    Maybe they could have armed guards on patrol.