Two Simple Steps To Solve The VA Crisis (Immediately)

I heard talking heads and politicians calling for one man’s resignation over the VA’s delayed treatment of our military men and women. I see them in front of any camera they can find, throwing around strong words of indignation and outrage concerning the scandal having been perpetrated, apparently for years, resulting in a minimum of 40 deaths to date.

I hear no politicians offering the immediate steps necessary to serve our veterans. Conservative pundits, yes. Politicians, no.

So how do we solve the V. A. problem and end the unnecessary loss of life?

First, immediately announce that all military personnel may start using the nearest hospital/medical facility at their convenience. Have the facilities start billing the government.

Second, put all current VA facilities up for auction. Remove all Government involvement with treatment, and let the government do what it does best. Pay the bills. Facilities will compete for the business of the Vets, keeping prices down. Government has proven it will not only pay for no results, but pay huge bonuses for obtaining no results for the most patients.

These steps will help to solve the immediate treatment problem.

Now for the corruption problem. Arrest any and all workers in any chain of command who knew of the secret lists. Charge them with criminal negligence, conspiracy to kill, theft under cover of authority, filing false instruments, and fraud. Recoup any bonuses already paid, and call for long jail sentences and crippling fines. Destroy this evil so no one ever again thinks of using their government position for anything but serving the people.

We the citizens are constantly being reminded when we fill out government forms that lying on the forms will lead to criminal charges. We demand the same for the criminals in government.

We’ve wasted a billion dollars so far setting up government websites and so called health-care exchanges. Rather than throw additional good billions after bad, give every vet a million dollar medical account to start with, for as many years as necessary. They can use that to get treatment or buy the best private policies.

Had we done the same with the alleged 40 million people in this country without healthcare, a million a year for ten years, we wouldn’t have been forced to sit idly by as 670 million dollars were stolen by Michelle Obama’s college roommate with her fraudulent healthcare website–and we’d still have the best health care system in the world.

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