The Immoral Climb And Spiritual Decline In America

A recent Gallup poll reveals that 74% of Americans think morals and ethics in society are getting worse. Not that we need another poll to announce what most of us already know, but it does make me wonder what the other 26% believe. A society’s moral decay and decline doesn’t just suddenly happen; it takes decades.

I’ll let you decide if America can be saved, but it is apparent that many folks are either too busy or just don’t care. Apathy is killing us. If we were truly aware and concerned about the direction of the country, we’d be engaging in the battle. Instead, we’ve retreated. America’s founders knew it was vital for Christians to be the light leading the way and the salt preserving society’s culture. As the church goes, so goes the nation.

This new poll is another cultural indicator proving we’ve become more tolerant of things we should not tolerate, such as sin. It is yet another reminder of how far we’ve declined and how much we’ve chosen to look the other way. Moreover, progressives in America have taken things a step further. They’re not content with our growing acceptance of immorality; they’d like us to look at sin as normal and even good.

It’s no mistake as I was preparing to write this morning, I came across the same Scripture verse twice in five minutes. It is exactly what we see in America. Written as a warning sometime around 700 B.C., Isaiah 5:20 states:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

We have gone from the acceptance of evil to approval, and now to accommodation. Americans tolerate more immorality today than ever in our history.

It shouldn’t surprise us that unbelievers in a secular culture would have an appetite for sin, whether by approval or participation; but we’re seeing professing believers jump on the bandwagon as well. When Christians are not strong enough to resist the lies and lures of this age, we’re in trouble.

The poll shows different levels of tolerance and acceptance of premarital sex, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, homosexuality, polygamy, divorce, and having a child out of wedlock. Naturally, people are pretty much divided along spiritual lines (Christians and non-Christians); but this poll asked people their political affiliation. The survey found:

• 78% of Democrats approve of divorce, while 60% of Republicans approve
• 77% of Democrats approve of premarital sex, as do 54% of Republicans
• 72% of Democrats approve of having a baby outside of wedlock; Repubs, 40%
• 71% of Democrats approve of homosexuality; 39% of Republicans approve
• 63% of Democrats approve of doctor-assisted suicide, while 40% of Republicans do

And although acceptance of abortion is generally much higher for Democrats, in this poll, 59% approve of abortion–while 28% of Republicans approve.

One comparison I found interesting is that more Democrats (51%) oppose buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur than the murder of a baby in a mother’s womb (41%).

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1 comment to The Immoral Climb And Spiritual Decline In America

  • wildbill446

    Don’t forget we have become a more permissive Society and that has a lot to do with it. They have belittled the Church watch what happens at Christmas time and the Nativity Scenes. Why do we call “Easter vacation” Spring break. Other refer to “Mother Nature” instead Christmas. It’s really getting disgusting, and you wonder why? The left is the most disgusting group of people with all this, and some on the right go along with it.