This Is War!

“Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in you, except ye be reprobates?” -2Corinth13:5

This may be my last political commentary, so I feel the need to lay it on the line.

It is plain to see that there is a form of special interest-driven political decision making, where risk and greater public interest is sacrificed for a window of opportunity motivated by the greed and motivations of a reckless few. In retrospect, the Bush crew royally screwed us in various ways (the full extent of which is still not fully clear).

The Republican establishment have sold out to special interests. The risk was too high. They have lost their credibility, and by acting recklessly have left us to be fed to the wolves. Now it’s all gone bad…..

Fools rush in. Let’s not lose our objectivity. We the People are an afterthought. We are a people robbed of privacy, security, and democracy.

The GOP has all the momentum to impeach and watch as they do absolutely nothing (even if they take the Senate). There will be the confirmation of complicity. They are the bought, sold, and blackmailed.

We are a faithless nation. Self control, self respect, and common decency has been cast aside. We loathe God and His ways. Even Allah is embraced as an avenue to political power and personal gain.

The righteous paths have become hidden. Our spiritual eyes are closed. We can no longer find the light. Our consciences are seared.

God is now booed at political conventions and special events. Ironically, these God-hating scoffers are casting blame and disdain at a God they claim does not exist.

Many who do leave room for a Creator want to establish their own narrative and set their own terms. They grant themselves the power and authority to control the relationship. They want a God that will tolerate apathy and indifference. They bury their faith and keep it hidden. They are uncertain and ashamed of their beliefs.

I’m not talking about religion; I’m talking about truth.

A godless nation is capable of all kinds of atrocities under the banner of a greater good. Man is spiritually resistant and wholly corruptible. In a faithless society, behaviors are excused, lies are tolerated, and theft is endorsed by the promoters of secular humanism. A denial of truth does not make reality any less real.

Our faith may cost us everything, but ‘going along to get along’ is no longer an option. It never should have been…

“We live in a fallen world that lives in darkness and death. The kingdom of the evil one spread abroad throughout the land. You and I were not called to play video games, we were not called to sit in front of a television set, we were not called to give ourselves to trifles, we were called to advance a kingdom, to live with a passion, to fight for Him and to only every once in a while drop our swords and look up for a smile. I want to fight, I don’t want comfort… the kingdom of God is built not by those who rest easily…but by those who go out into the streets and fight and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. They are mighty. Intercessory prayer, the proclamation of the gospel and sacrificial love. Men rise up old men of God do what you were called to do. Be valiant and strong and know that it’s going to cost you. You take your stand beside Jesus Christ in His cause and you watch the devil come after you buffeting you from the outside and from the inside, but that’s what war is about and so He has given us a great commission” – Paul Washer

If this country is to be saved, it is going to require God-fearing, freedom-loving citizens to rise up and take the reigns. But a full and complete restoration will require a supernatural event. Only then will things truly be made right. Forget ‘equality’-fueled political activism. We are all equally selfish and depraved. The change has to happen on the inside. We all need mercy and grace. These are not things to be lobbied for or to be obtained through political force.

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