“Dead Broke”; Really, Hillary?

Hillary Clinton says she was dead broke when she and Bill left the White House. They were so broke, they had to borrow 1.3 million dollars. How can you borrow that much when you’re “dead broke”?

I’ll tell you about dead broke. A few years before the Clinton’s were dead broke, I lost my job. I was out of work for thirteen months before I found another job. During that time, I lost my house and two cars–and was about to be evicted from the house I rented. I was a single father with two kids, and we were about to be thrown out on the street. I had an old van and an old Datsun. I needed the van for what remained of the things I owned. The car was worth about four thousand dollars, and I was three months behind in rent (a total of fifteen hundred dollars), so I offered my landlord the car for my back rent and a thousand dollars in cash. He told me he would take it for the rent, and that was all–or I would be on the street the next week. I gave him the car. To top that off, the IRS knocked on my door and threatened me if I didn’t pay my back taxes. I asked them to take me, but they left. I didn’t have enough money to buy groceries for my kids. A month later, I was offered a job in Kansas at half of what I had made. I took the job. Now that is “Dead Broke.”

At the time, I couldn’t borrow a penny. Anyone who has been dead broke knows you can’t borrow money. So I would like to ask Hillary how she borrowed $1.3 million if she was “dead broke.” And if she was dead broke and had lost everything like I had, why did she need $1.3 million? When they left office, Bill Clinton received his retirement of around $200,000 (plus other benefits) and the money Hillary made when she became Senator of New York. So how can you leave office making close to half a million dollars a year at taxpayer expense and still be “dead broke?” Their income from 2000 to 2007 was $111 million. Our government has given the Clintons $1,162,000 per year in pensions and expenses since 2008. Not bad for being “dead broke.”

Dead broke? She could receive a Master’s Degree in Lies. Can you tell me what her being “dead broke” in 2000 has to do with anything going on in America today? Just lies and more lies.

Hillary, how do you expect us to vote for you when you continue to whine about something that “didn’t” happen almost fifteen years ago. How can you help America if you don’t address current problems? It’s difficult for the average American family to feel sorry for you when you are paid more for a single speech than most families make in a year. Have you heard about the families of Smith, Woods, Doherty, and Stevens? (Now they really have something to cry about.) If you don’t remember who they are, let me know; and I’ll explain what happened to them. Hillary, tell me one thing you have done for America in the last six years?

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