This Mayor Had A Bizarre Encounter With An ‘FBI Agent’

According to actual police in Weaver, Ala., someone posing as a member of the law enforcement community recently entered City Hall asserting he was there to arrest Mayor Wayne Willis.

Reports indicate Bobby Beck had a badge and brandished a handgun when he asked to speak to Willis. When a city employee informed him the mayor could not see him, Beck allegedly pulled out a pair of handcuffs and informed the staff that he would be back to take him into custody.

Weaver police joined forces with the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office to identify the imposter. Using security camera footage and testimony from a witness who provided Beck’s license plate number, authorities were able to track him down and search his residence.

Officers found the badge, gun, and handcuffs at his home.

In his conversation with officers, Weaver Police Chief Wayne Bush stated that Beck identified himself as an FBI agent sent to arrest Willis, asserting he broke the law by not serving as mayor in a full-time capacity.

Beck reportedly asserted that he intended to shoot the mayor if he failed to comply with his demands. Police were unable to ascertain what his ultimate goal would be.

A county-appointed mental health officer is reportedly being brought on to handle the case.

Willis never personally encountered Beck at City Hall. The mayor explained that, when he learned of the incident, he initially assumed it was someone’s idea of a prank.

When police showed him the video, however, he said he realized he did not recognize the culprit.

He noted that the ordeal revealed room to improve security at City Hall, noting he will discuss ways to achieve that goal in a meeting with city staff.

“Even in small town America,” he noted, “we have to worry about these concerns.”

In the end, the safety of public servants working in that environment is his ultimate priority.

“I’m not so much worried about my own safety,” he concluded, “but for the safety of my employees.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Wayne Willis

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