A Citizen’s Call To De-Fund Michelle Obama

There is not one reason in the world why any First Spouse should get a dime of taxpayers money.

They are un-elected. They are spouses. With the exception of Secret Service protection and maybe a secretary, there should be no official expenditures for the First Spouse. If the President wants to pay for their spouse to travel or do anything as a hobby, it should not be done with public money.

Social secretaries can be hired to run the White House. Does anyone think Bill Clinton (I pray we never find out for sure) would help run the day-to-day affairs of the White House? First Spouses do not and should not exist on the taxpayers budget. They live a life of pampered existence just being in the White House. They got to where they are because they picked the right person to sleep with, period. That does not justify the American taxpayers paying hundreds of millions for separate vacations or pet projects.

Americans do not want an activist First Spouse. They certainly do not want some self-important, un-elected know-it-all intruding on their most private decisions and wasting their hard-earned tax money. Nowhere else in American politics does the spouse of the elected official act in such an overbearing, arrogant manner, as though they have some sort of official authority over the citizens of America! No Governor’s spouse would ever think of loading up their travel itinerary with multiple vacations on the backs of the taxpayers. No mayors, no one.

Yet, probably due to the fact that it is not legislatively described, some recent spouses have treated themselves as royalty, traveling the world with hundreds of people, taking over high-priced hotels, and staying in penthouses. They act as though they are an integral part of the Government.

Newsflash, First Spouses: the country would survive if the President was unmarried

Newsflash, First Spouses: the country would survive if the President was unmarried! Aside from the extra money in the budget, no one would notice the difference!

Presidents have every right, and responsibility, to fund their spouse’s activities. There is no justification for any un-elected American to have a huge staff at public expense. If, when the President travels, the spouse wants to sit in on the pictures, fine. Get everyone coffee? Great idea! Sending the spouses on diplomatic ventures? No! Never. That is why we feed, water, house, and pay Vice Presidents to take on responsibilities the President doesn’t consider important enough for his attention.

In short, we need legislation to define the First Spouse as what it is.


It is someone who carries no weight and, aside from security, no budget. Travel separate and distinct from the President is not paid for by the American taxpayer. If a President wants to bring their spouse’s ideas to the legislature to make law, and they agree and pass it, fine. Otherwise, we don’t care and should not have to spend a dime following any harebrained idea emanating from the President’s bedmate.

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