Did You Know You Are Paying To Teach Young Teens About Dangerous Sex Acts?

According to information revealed in a sting operation by advocacy group Live Action, staff members at Planned Parenthood locations enthusiastically encourage teens under the age of 16 to experiment with violent – and potentially deadly – sexual intercourse.

While footage of the entire investigation has yet to be released, Live Action has published a selection of its undercover recording that depicts a conversation between an actress claiming to be 15 years old and a Planned Parenthood sex counselor.

The individual describes a variety of behavior that some would label abusive.

“I wouldn’t say ‘abuse,’” the counselor reasoned, “because it’s consensual. Patients will sometimes come in with rope burns or, um, markings on their breasts from, like, clamps, OK?”

She seemed unconcerned with the fact that a child of 15 is legally incapable of consenting to such acts – or any form of sex at all.

In other scenes recorded during the investigation, counselors encourage young girls to engage in mutual whipping, hitting, spanking, and other activity that often results in “blood” or other physical injuries.

A trailer for the forthcoming series, called “Sexed,” includes a rapid-fire sequence of outrageous advice being given by a series of counselors to what they believed to be an underage girl.

The young patient was told in various situations to “go to a sex shop,” become intimate with “multiple partners,” engage in “some asphyxiation,” get “tied to a bed or tied to a tree,” and generally determine “what type of pain you can take.”

This is not the first exposé Live Action has conducted against Planned Parenthood. In a previous investigation, the group found a rampant willingness for employees of the taxpayer-funded abortion provider to help sex traffickers and child sex abusers cover up their activities.

Not only does Planned Parenthood work diligently to prevent as many births as possible through its relentless support of abortion–it seems similarly dedicated to damaging the lives of those children who are born by encouraging violent sex acts with indiscriminate partners.

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  • wildbill446

    You know why they are doing this? two reasons #1 it make the kids curious, #2 it lessens their morals, #3 it helps to destroy the Counties morals. All in the name of EDUCATION? yeah right, I wonder if these creeps are teaching their kids this.