What Will The GOP Leadership Learn From Cantor’s Shellacking?

Concerned that DC Republicans might begin listening to voters rather than Karl Rove, an always sympathetic White House told stunned GOP leaders that “Cantor’s problem wasn’t his position on immigration reform; it was his lack of a position.” That is, Cantor wasn’t too liberal; and he had not offended the conservative, Republican base with his promise of passing amnesty–or his contemptuous decision to headline an April conference hosted by George Soros and organized labor. In fact, if anything, the now defunct Virginia congressman had been TOO conservative! After all, hadn’t Cantor’s campaign sent out direct-mail pieces just before last night’s primary, promising that he was “stopping the Obama-Reid plan to give illegal aliens amnesty?”

Cantor lost to David Brat, an economics professor and Tea Party favorite who spent the primary season accusing Cantor of being a top “cheerleader for amnesty.” “I ran on the Republican principles,” said Brat to the AP. Of course, the new Republican nominee might want to be careful about making claims that he will be a good Republican and tell voters that he will be a dedicated conservative instead. After all, that is, in part, what helped get him the nomination; that and the fact that Eric Cantor believed it was more important to satisfy the New York Times than the voters in his conservative district.

And trust the AP to claim that Cantor’s daily promises to help John Boehner pass amnesty as hoards of illegal alien children stream across the border had nothing whatever to do with this 10 point trouncing by an unknown who had been outspent $993,000 to $76,000 during the last 7 weeks of the campaign. “Jay S. Poole, a Cantor volunteer, said Brat tapped into widespread frustration among voters about the gridlock in Washington and issues such as immigration.” Frustration about gridlock? That lame excuse has been used by political losers for decades. It apparently never occurs to DC politicos that voters often prefer gridlock! And who, exactly, could be RESPONSIBLE for that frustration about immigration?

The question now is which way the Republican leadership will jump after the Cantor defeat. Does John Boehner succeed in convincing Republicans that Eric Cantor’s loss was just one of those things, that amnesty must be passed because it is the “right thing to do”?

The tone deaf arrogance that prompted the GOP to assault the conservative party base has finally come back to bite them. I’m not so sure they will learn from it.

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  • wildbill446

    I can tell you something, they just or are going to learn that the “TEA Party” people are you and me. We are tired of all this political shenanigans. We want some one to go in there and do our bidding and get things right with some “Common Sense”.