You Won’t Believe “Who” Unexpectedly Won This Recent Primary In Nevada

In Nevada, voters are presented with the option to choose “none of the above” on their voting ballots. This last Tuesday,  Democratic voters picked “none of the above” over eight human actual candidates running for the Democratic gubernatorial slot in the general election.

Earlier this year, Harry Reid pronounced to reporters about the upcoming Democratic gubernatorial candidate that  “I’m sure that it will be a respectable candidate, someone that people know.” Instead of a “respectable candidate, Harry Reid got “none of the above.”

The second place was taken by Robert Goodman, a man who has run before for Governor of  Nevada. Since he took second place to “None of the Above,” it is he who will be the Democratic contender in the general election.

What do you think? Is this a discouraging sign as the primary competition was won by Mr. Nobody? Or is this a positive sign, as Americans are showing some disgust at the politicians being put forth as candidates these days?

Who would have won the 2012 Presidential race- Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Mr. Nobody (if he had been on the ballot nationwide)?


Barack Obama 26 SC




Mitt Romney SC




None of the Above?

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