This Video That Shows What It REALLY Means To Be A Father Will Have You In Tears

Happy Father’s Day to all you guys with children.  This is my 19th celebration of this annual tradition perpetuated by the greeting card industry. I’m actually considered to be a very good father to my teenage son and daughter.  Yet, I am offended by the media’s portrayal of fathers as being idiots, buffoons, and immature imbeciles incapable of handling everyday life.  Apparently, I am not alone in my opinion.

The soap brand Dove conducted a survey of 1,000 dads for their Dove Men+Care product.  80 percent of the dads agreed that the media fails to portray their roles as fathers accurately.  Dads are frequently mocked in TV ads, sitcoms, and movies as being bumbling and incompetent.  I grew up with TV dads like Ward Cleaver, Andy Taylor, Howard Cunningham, and John Walton.  Yet we continue to see dads portrayed as Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

So companies like Unilever Skincare, who makes Dove soap, is overturning these antiquated representations of dads in a new commercial that encourages recognition as caregivers.  Dove describes how the one-minute film “features real moments that children of all ages share with their fathers, most of which are regrettably absent from media depictions of dads today.”  Thanks Dove Men+Care for giving us a little credit for taking care of our kids.

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