Watch Senator EXPLODE On Obama: “Stubborn-Headed, Delusional, Detached”

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was on CNN’s State of the Union discussing the turmoil in Iraq, calling Obama a “stubborn-headed, delusional, detached president.” Graham accuses Obama of thinking he knows better than everybody else, and that the withdrawal of U.S. troops has exposed America to the inevitable.  “This is another 9/11 in the making” said Graham. “The FBI director has warned us in Congress that Syria and Iraq present a direct threat to our homeland.”  The Senator advised that Obama “get into the game” with air power to stop the march toward Baghdad, and to get a new government in place to bring the Iraqis back together for a counter offense.

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4 comments to Watch Senator EXPLODE On Obama: “Stubborn-Headed, Delusional, Detached”

  • Carol

    Everything I am hearing about – i knew before he was elected the first time but nobody would listen but now it is almost to late for everything all the way around.

  • wildbill446

    One thing I haven’t heard yet, is these animals (the ISIS) are not the kind that listen to you. I keep hearing (the talking heads) saying we need to negotiate. That is a crock of B.S. they don’t realize we are dealing with “Homicidal Maniacs” that love to kill, it’s the only thing they understand, do you see them taking prisoners? if they do it’s only for target practice.
    And the useless Head of our Gov’t goes on a “Fund raising tour and golf” yeah he’s really a leader (a joke)

  • Eugene Crawford

    We learn to love the person and hate the evil.. The thing about a person that has way too much evil is in real trouble with God as judgement is right around the corner..
    Too much evil leaves him without his true person !

  • Constance

    @Eugene – Frankly, you made little sense. Obama is an evil and dangerous man. If we had a Congress that wasn’t so deadlocked, I would hope that someone would do something because Obama has not even done his job. That is to secure our nation. He doesn’t do it in Iraq, nor on the border. We have people with diseases and some are infiltrating into our nation through Mexico to hurt us. He does nothing but play golf. What a leader?!