Epic: This School Has One Simple Message For Would-Be Shooters

With the tragic reality of recent school shootings in our country, many question what can be done to prevent similar disasters taking place in our future.

Opinions swing from one side of the pendulum to the other. Many claim stricter gun laws is the answer. Yet, the Union Grove school district in Texas has chosen to take a stand on the other end of the spectrum.

Due to the likelihood of criminals disregarding stricter gun laws, the faculty and administrators of these schools have chosen to preempt any future attacks by arming themselves. This endeavor to protect the young lives on the premises, they hope, will put a stop to anyone who attempts to breach their security.

The sign alone should be enough to stop a potential school shooter in his or her tracks; but if not, the teachers and staff will be prepared to cease the “fire” before it really begins.

It is a sad actuality that people need to arm themselves in order to protect themselves; yet such is the world we live in today. Educators at schools like these serve as a reminder to us to be prepared for calamities, such as school shootings, forestalling them in order to maintain a peaceful nation.

Perhaps this stand will inspire the rest of our country to do the same because nothing is more important than protecting the lives of future generations.

Photo credit: KETK

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