Obama: The Man Behind The Mask

I find it amazing that over and over again, intelligent Americans are astounded at the incompetence of the Obama administration.  From websites, domestic policy, scandals, and foreign policy, this presidency has been an abject failure.  But of course, that is only one way to look at things.  Another way to look at the results of the Obama presidency is to do just that–critically analyze the results.  I believe that if you tie everything together, you will uncover an agenda that is deeply frightening and utterly treasonous.

Ordinary Americans and pundits look at the events happening in Iraq and shake their heads with wonder and puzzlement.  The repeated phrase by the network talking-heads is, “We spend forty-eight billion dollars a year on intelligence; the Obama administration is caught flat-footed?”  You ask, how could our national security staff not have known about and foreseen the ISIS fighters flowing out of Syria and taking over northern Iraq?  How could this administration, or an American president for that matter, have allowed all of the American sacrifices of blood and treasure to go to waste?  I say, of course they knew!  Of course they foresaw this happening!  These are smart people.  You have to be smart in order to be elected President of the United States!

I don’t believe that his national security staff and our intelligence community were caught flat-footed.  I am sure there were howls of protest and warning from Langley over the president’s policies in the Middle East.  No, I think the actions were well thought out and intentional and the outcome entirely predictable.  For you see, my friends, Obama wanted the terrorists to take over Iraq.  He doesn’t care about American power projection capabilities.  He doesn’t care about the freedom and democracy that George W. Bush stood for and championed in Iraq, and our troops fought for.  He is beating to a different drum.  Please tell me, what other explanation could there be?

I believe the agenda Obama has set for the United States of America is one of decline and ruin.  He is settling old scores against white European colonialism, the British policies that held his ancestors in slavery in Africa.  Obama is part of the hate-America crowd.  He has no problem with American sacrifice being wasted.  Maybe it will teach them a lesson, I’m sure he quietly says to himself as he receives intelligence reports that Muslim fighters are massing to take over the country.

The only time that Obama is forced to act on the national stage is when the media outcry is too loud, and he is pushed into a corner where he has to go through the motions of acting like a president who cares about America’s national interest.  The values of freedom, the concept of liberty, and the history of our Founding Fathers mean nothing to him.  In fact, he hates them.

Obama is here to get as much as he can from the American people during his eight years in office.  Why do you think he goes on so many vacations?  He and his people want to transfer as much wealth as possible before his term ends.  He doesn’t care if the lights eventually go out on America.  The work of a socialist anarchist progressive is never done.

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