Don’t Like Your Boss? According To Gov’t Ruling, You Can Tell Him To “[Bleep] Himself”

Even as millions of Americans struggle to secure employment under Barack Obama’s disastrous fiscal policies, his administration continues working to prevent employers from getting rid of incompetent and indecent workers.

In two separate rulings, the National Labor Relations Board decided that an employee’s anathematization of a colleague or boss is not sufficient cause for dismissal.

The first case revolved around an employer’s decision to fire a staff member for calling him a “f—king crook” and “a—hole.”

According to the NLRB, the owner of an Arizona car dealership initiated the altercation by informing his employee that, if he didn’t like the job, he was free to look for another one elsewhere.

Calling the employer’s statement of fact an “implied threat,” the board ruled he was responsible for the “provocation” of his employee’s profane rant.

The second case involved a Starbucks barista who shouted an expletive-laced outburst at his boss in front of customers.

“You can go f—k yourself,” he asserted in a diatribe that included other inappropriate comments.

Nevertheless, the NLRB ruled in favor of the disrespectful employee, alleging he was fired due to his pro-union views instead of his highly unprofessional behavior.

The employers in both of these cases were forced to rehire the obviously resentful workers and provide them back pay for the wages they lost while unemployed.

When employees are federally protected, even when they threaten their employers or shout profanities in the presence of paying clients, many critics see yet another leftist attack on job creators in America. The one dissenting board member in the car dealership case determined that the NLRB is “out of touch” by protecting employees who talk “like characters in a Scorsese film.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce responded to this case, concluding that as it details “the absurdity of the Board’s actions, it’s getting hard to avoid using some expletives of our own.”

Photo Credit: Bibliothèque de Toulo (Creative Commons)

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