Watch The Obama Analogy Made By Dinesh D’Souza That Made This Fox Reporter Laugh Uncomfortably

Filmmaker and activist Dinesh D’Souza was on Monday’s Kelly File on Fox News offering up his explanation of why Obama has been transforming the Untied States.

He said, “In order to remake America, you have to take down the America that’s here now.”

As the filmmaker sees it, Obama came out of the 1960′s that had a different view than previous generations.  “Its view is that America is globally a force for evil.”  This generation believes that instead of America being exceptionally good, we are exceptionally evil.  D’Souza continued, “[Obama] in a sense views his job as one of containing or curtailing the power of his own country.”

“It sounds like you’re accusing him of being almost anti-American, “Kelly said to her guest.  “If he were anti-American, if he didn’t love his country, why would he want to be president of it?”

That’s when the conversation went off the deep end:  “If I was in a family and I believed my dad was some kind of a serial killer or a child molester, I would still love him.  He would be part of my family, but I’d do everything I could to prevent him from doing evil actions.  I would think that would be good for the world and for my dad.  So with Obama, he thinks he’s doing the world a favor by controlling this rogue elephant that is the United States.”

“So America is the child molester in this scenario?” Kelly started to laugh along with some laughter off camera. “I think we may of jumped off the deep end.”

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