Watch: This Former M*A*S*H Star Just Epically Made The Case For Why Obama Needs To Be Impeached

Wayne Rogers appeared in a Fox News “business block” discussion about the “crisis of epic proportions on the southern border” hosted by Eric Bolling who asked the former M*A*S*H star, “who’s to blame?”

The investor and actor, who is best-known as Trapper John from the popular TV series, said that Obama “has violated the law constantly, he’s violated the Constitution.  Listen, he’s given amnesty for illegals who entered the U.S. before the age of 16.  He’s given amnesty to illegals who have relatives in the U.S.  He’s given amnesty to illegals who are parents or guardians of people.  He’s given amnesty to, the key word, ‘illegals!’  It’s already illegal.  You can’t violate the Constitution if you’re doing something legally.  He’s doing it illegally.  He ought to be impeached and so should Eric Holder.  The Republicans are pusillanimous peewees, they don’t do anything about it and they should stand up and be counted instead of running for the exit every time they bring this up.”

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