WATCH: See How This One Question Leaves This Maryland Lib Stuttering For An Answer

Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-Md) was asked by Fox News’ Bill Hemmer if he could name a foreign policy success on behalf of the Obama administration.

Van Hollen confidently answered “there are a number” but then had a problem naming just one example.  He tried to side-step the question by discussing the importance of focusing on East Asia.

Hemmer rattled off a list of countries experiencing terrorism, war, and bloodshed, “Middle East peace process, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Egypt.  I mean, that’s just a handful.”

“Well, here’s the question.  Do we think the U.S. can micromanage events in each of these areas,” Hollen sputters in return.

Van Hollen was hard-pressed to answer Hemmer’s question of these countries being a foreign policy success.

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