This Liberal Media Morning Show Just Sold Out The Obama Administration

The growing scandal regarding IRS targeting of conservatives, compounded by the agency’s allegation that it lost countless relevant emails, has resulted in criticism from even some of the Obama administration’s reliably sycophantic media outlets.

Last week, CNN host John King associated the acceptance of IRS talking points with believing in the Easter Bunny. Just days later, a panel of commentators on MSNBC ridiculed the inadequate coverage the scandal has received.

Appearing on “Morning Joe” Monday, author and political analyst Mark Halperin took the lead in a discussion predicting how the controversy would be handled had it occurred under a Republican administration.

He asserted that “even people sympathetic to the administration” find the situation “weird and suspicious,” lamenting the fact that some in the press seem to be protecting the White House.

“The Republicans in Congress are asking questions,” he explained. “I think that with a different administration, one that was a Republican administration, this story would be a national obsession; and, instead, it’s getting coverage here and a few other places.”

Panelist Bobby Ghosh agreed with Halperin’s assessment that the scandal “deserves a lot more questions.”

He insisted that, had the IRS been caught “targeting Democratic groups and [there] had been a Republican president, I think it would be in the front pages of every newspaper for weeks.”

Host Joe Scarborough echoed the prevailing sentiment, displaying a recent issue of the New York Times as a prop.

“I find it hard to believe that if the Democratic chairman of the Ways and Means sent a Republican administration a letter saying we are going to begin an inquiry about you targeting individual Americans and political groups that don’t like Republicans – and then a week or so later, emails from the top leaders at the IRS disappear – I find it hard to believe that would not be on the front page of this newspaper every day.”

Even Al Hunt, a panelist who contended “there’s been reasonably aggressive coverage” by the media, concluded that there are “people who ought to be punished, perhaps even prosecuted” for their role in the scandal.

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    Hey, the Dummo’s take care of the Dummo’s. Remember the slogan “Lie, Cheat, Steal, anything to take for yourself”