This Spunky Gun Store Is Under Political Attack, But They Won’t Go Down Without A Fight

‘Tactical Firearms’ is a spunky store in Katy, Texas, with an outgoing staff who believe in their products and their right to keep and bear arms.


This Texas gun store has gained a reputation in the neighborhood for politically inclined statements on their signs. They all seem to hit their intended mark. What makes them so enjoyable is their creative use of humor thrown into the carefully crafted phrases.

While proudly taking advantage of their First Amendment rights, they sometimes like to offer the occasional nod towards Obamacare – their “favorite” healthcare provider.tactical-guns

What you may not know is that ‘Tactical Firearms’ is amidst a political struggle with the Obama administration. According to their website, their bank has recently chosen not to renew their loan, despite the store always being on time with their payments. Apparently, the bank’s excuse is that the “government does not support loans to the gun, alcohol, or hotel industries.”


“This is an extension of the Obama administration’s backdoor efforts to bankrupt the firearms industry and all its supporting retailers and firing ranges,” the ‘Tactical Firearms’ site explains. “Since the government can’t take away our Second Amendment directly, they make it difficult for businesses to stay open by pressuring banks to close loans. This has already happened to other gun shops around the country. We are fighting to make sure it doesn’t happen to us.”


It is clear that the team at ‘Tactical Firearms’ is happily enjoying their First and Second Amendment freedoms – while they still have them. This gun store is certainly not going to go down without a fight.

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