When This Soldier’s Car Broke Down Near A Small Town In Utah, What These Locals Did Blew Him Away

Air Force Staff Sergeant Rowan Coash was on his way to Texas to report for duty when his car broke down unexpectedly. More than 1,000 miles from his destination, he was left on the highway outskirts of Price, Utah.

While waiting for a tow truck, he called his friend Erica to tell her about his setback. Erica chose to take action by reaching out to the Facebook community.

Anybody out there in Facebook Land near Price, UT and willing to help a soldier?

Hundreds of people shared Erica’s post; and Leslie Holmes, a “Good Samaritan” in Price, saw the post and helped to arrange a rental truck to get the Airman back on course. She also offered to store his car in her garage until it could be repaired.

After inspecting the car, the mechanic said the motor need to be replaced; and approximately $3,500 was needed in repairs. This was something Coash could not afford. Additionally, the six to ten days it would take to get Coash’s car roadworthy again was not ideal because he needed to be in Texas in two days – or else be considered AWOL.

Little did he know that a veteran in Price took note of the story that was spreading on social media, and asked another question:

Does anyone know a good mechanic that would be willing to do a solid for an American hero…?

The post was eventually seen by another mechanic in the area who offered to help him out. After taking a look at the damage, the entire team at Tony Basso GM “jumped in” to help.

“It think that it’s time we as a nation served those who protect us,” said Tony Basso, owner of Tony Basso GM.

Not only did they choose to do it all at no cost to Coash; the Airman reported to base on time. His car was later shipped back to him free of charge.

“It was absolutely amazing,” said Coash. “The overwhelming support that I got, I really don’t know how to put into words.”

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