Exclusive: Knowing Bergdahl, Part Two – “Bergdahl Didn’t Just Desert; He Collaborated With The Enemy”

Editor’s note: In case you missed it, read part 1 here.

Author’s note: As much as possible, I have refrained from editorializing and let these compelling quotes speak for themselves.

“This man Bergdahl, ran away under cover of night and deserted his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. Then to make matters much, much worse, he actively sought out the Taliban enemy by asking for them by name and found them. This resulted in the war deaths of other American forces. That is the definition of other words such as defection and treason. We knew the facts at the Pentagon but came under intense pressure from the Secretary of Defense and the White House. They wanted to silence us.” –Pentagon official

“He’s not a hero in any sense of the word.” –Jimmy


“For the love of God, this is important; Bergdahl walked off base with several Afghanis. What more do we need to know? How can this White House lie and deceive the American people about this?” – Pentagon official


“We are all demanding he be tried as a traitor who committed treason and helped the enemy kill more of us Americans.” –Ron

“Would you call it ‘walking away from his post’ or ‘being captured’ or even ‘desertion?’ When Bergdahl was clearly planning, conspiring and plotting his defection to the enemy on the battlefield?” –Jimmy

“Notice that I do not use the term ‘POW’ for the simple reason Bergdahl disgraces that description of his captivity.  He is a wartime collaborator, or more precisely, a collaborationist, the term applied to treasonous soldiers who defected to the enemy in earlier wars. And apprehended is the correct term to apply to a deserter/defector now back under U.S. Army control in Germany.” –Russ Vaughn, The American Thinker, “Treason Trifecta: Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and a Collaborator,” June 4, 2014

“Now that he’s coming back to America from helping the enemy kill more of our guys, we’re all afraid that he’s going to claim some kind of insanity defense to escape justice for what he did. While he was certainly crazy; all the same, he defected, took off his uniform, left his post and weapon behind and should be tried then if found guilty, executed for defecting and collaborating with the enemy during wartime and being responsible for killing American soldiers.” –Ron

“The comms (communications radios) started really exploding within minutes of his DUSTWIN alert (duty status: whereabouts unknown) and everything we were hearing was that he was on a mission to find English-speaking Taliban commanders to defect. Understand, a deserter is a coward who’s afraid of fighting and runs away in the other direction from the enemy. Bergdahl was running toward the Taliban asking for them.” –Jimmy

“The first step for the Taliban, was to start releasing photos of Bergdahl in ‘capitivity,’ so blindfolded and looking as if he was being held against his will. They thought it would be best strategically if we thought he was kidnapped; that he was being held against his will and not giving crucial troop info to them. But they were lying in order to keep us in the dark, so they could kill more Americans, who they knew would be looking for Bergdahl.” –Pentagon official

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