When This Marine Asked His Best Friend To Watch Over His House, He Never Thought This Would Happen

US Marine tears up

Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo, an Iraq war veteran who recently retired after serving for 21 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, asked his old Marine buddy Jeremy Epperson to watch his new house for him while he was stationed in Japan with his family. The house was a “major” fixer-upper and was all the Bernardo family really “could afford.”

Epperson gladly said he would watch over the home in Suisun, California for his Marine brother, but had much bigger plans in store.

While the Bernardo family was away, Epperson raised money and support and did roughly $70,000 in renovations for the house. He’s named the renovation program “Homecoming Heroes.”

As the Bernardo family made it home last week, a limo picked them up at the airport and brought them to their house–no longer that old fixer-upper, but a beautiful home.

Epperson said, “no retiring U.S. Marine should have to return to a home that is such a mess.”

“We are proud of our service,” Bernardo said, choking back tears. “Those guys that didn’t make it back and those guys that didn’t make it in one piece, they deserve this, not me.”

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