Ted Cruz Had A Plan To Expose IRS Deception – But Senate Democrats Shut Him Down

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After laying out some pointed allegations regarding the IRS, Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz asserted his intention to seek a special prosecutor to investigate the scandal. Earlier this week, he stated unequivocally that Attorney General Eric Holder should be impeached should he decline to make such an appointment.

He reiterated that position Thursday morning.

“If Attorney General Eric Holder continues to refuse to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the abuse of power by the IRS against the American people, he should be impeached,” Cruz asserted.

The Tea Party-backed senator criticized IRS officials for improperly targeting conservative groups before suggesting the supposed hard drive crash that led to the disappearance of countless relevant emails was just an effort to obfuscate the agency’s behavior. He then presented his plan to bypass Holder by establishing a special prosecutor at the congressional level.

Democrats in the chamber, however, trashed his idea, with Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden issuing a rebuttal ostensibly rooted in fiscal concerns.

“I have to question whether bringing in a special prosecutor would be a good use of taxpayer money in this case,” he said.

The partisan opposition did not deter Cruz from his indignant reaction to the agency’s behavior, including the recent revelation that former official Lois Lerner attempted to instigate an investigation into Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley.

“How comfortable are you with the precedent that the IRS can single out Democratic senators who might disagree with the president’s political position?” he asked, noting that, regardless of party affiliation, such action “oughtt to trouble every member of this body.”

Cruz further lambasted the Justice Department as well, revealing that those tasked with investigating the IRS – as well as the agency’s commissioner – are known supporters of the Democrat Party.

“It saddens me to say that the U.S. Department of Justice under Attorney General Eric Holder has become the most partisan Department of Justice in the history of our country,” he said.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

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  • wildbill446

    Ted Cruz has one heck of a battle. First it was the Republican party and now it’s also the Democrats. Does anyone know who the :Tea Party” is?, well it’s the American people who are tired of the shenanigans in Gov’t. Those people are you and me. So now you know who the real enemy is.