Would Jesus Go To A Homosexual Parade?

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“I didn’t think it could be ‘til it happened to me.”  Andrae Crouch

I love that song.  If you’ve never heard it before, take a few minutes and listen to it.  It will encourage your heart. Listen here.

It’s a song about the power of the Gospel and its ability to transform a life. Many don’t believe it. They don’t think the Spirit of God can radically transform a heart. I used to think that as well…until it happened to me.

I just returned home with a group of hearty men from witnessing at the Homosexual Pride Parade in Springfield, Missouri.  As usual, I was heartbroken by the age of those who have been captured by the “lifestyle.”  Take a look at these photos. Notice the young souls parading their sin in the public streets.  It would have been better for these adults had they been drowned with a millstone around their necks than having mislead one of these little ones.


These two pictures, in particular, broke my heart. These are somebody’s daughters. I wonder if their Moms’ and Dads’ hearts are broken too?


When we returned, I posted some of these images on my Facebook page.  My intent was to prick the hearts of people to action. Homosexuality is gobbling up our young kids.  There is nothing “gay” about it.  They are being lured into a self-destructive behavior because they have bought the lie that homosexuality is normal. It isn’t. It is deviant.  Someone needs to tell them, help them, and lead them to the truth.  Our churches have turned a blind eye.

You need to take a moment and visit my Facebook page and read the comments under the pictures.  It never fails that our greatest critics are the “who-are-you-to-judge-Christians” crowd who think speaking the truth to sinners is hate.  The fruit of the public schools is on display for all to see.  Very few Christians, especially under the age of 30, think that homosexuality is a sin; or they believe that all sins are the same.  If all sins were the same, why are there different penalties for more egregious sins?  Why is murder a crime punishable by the death penalty but lying ignored?  If all sins were the same, shouldn’t all liars get the death penalty?

All sins separate us from God, yet not all sins are equal.  The “all sins are equal” doctrine is one of the deadly teachings of modern evangelicalism.  At the current rate, it won’t be long before pedophilia is no longer verboten.

No way, Coach” you say. “We have to draw the line when it comes to children.”

Really?  What if your school starts teaching the children that homosexuality is normal?  Will you react the same way that you have reacted to the normalization of homosexuality?  “Who are you to judge?”, they tell us.  Who are you to tell a pedophile who claims that he was “born that way” that his sin is vile? If you won’t judge the man who wants to have anal sex with another man, why would you judge the man who wants to have sex with a little girl or boy?

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