See What It Truly Means To Give: Man Gives The Homeless His Shoes And The Shirt Off His Back

Man Giving shoes and shirt of his back

Here is a man who gets it. A kind hearted Christ-like man who understands what it means to give.

The generous man in this video is actually an active prankster who goes by the name Omar Gosh. In the last two years, Gosh has posted dozens of videos onto Youtube hoping to go viral. A few of his videos managed to reach 100,000 views. But this one has garnered two million views with little news attention.

Gosh and his teenage son are going through Florida providing shoes to the homeless. He is also connecting the video to a project called, “Shirt Off Your Back For the Homeless.” He hopes to raise $5,000 to provide care packages for the homeless that would include shoes, socks, shirts, sunscreen (The Florida sun can be brutal), dental supplies, and a Bible.

Matthew 5:41 – “Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.”

Can you imagine what this world would look like if we had more of these acts being publicized and repeated?

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