This Nanny Actually Kidnapped A Family’s Home, And The Judge Sided With Her


After being fired weeks ago, a California live-in nanny has finally agreed to move out by July 4 – provided the weather is agreeable.

When Diane Stretton, 64, was fired by her employers, Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte, on June 6 after “she just stopped working,” she initially refused to leave their home.

According to Fox News, she threatened to sue the family because of their wrongful termination and abuse of the elderly.

The Bracamontes family consequently chose to get in touch with the police, but were told, “‘Sorry, you’re going to have to go through the eviction process,’” Marcella Bracamonte said.

To complicate matters, a judge sided with the nanny, saying the family did not end Stretton’s employment legally.

The Bracamontes hired her through Craigslist in March after Marcella submitted a post in February offering a one bedroom their home “in exchange for house cleaning and caring for my kids.”

The post continued, “I am starting a business. And I have to leave throughout the day. So when I do leave for a couple hours at a time I need someone with my children. I need back up on keeping the house clean and getting the start on meals for family.”

Stretton applied to the listing and said, “I can do the job described.” She began work on March 4.

At first, everything went smoothly. Bracamonte observed Stretton to be very vigilant with the children until she “complained I left my children too much.”

“Then she just stopped working,” Bracamonte said. “We would find her panting and she would say things like, ‘it’s really hot in here.’”

Shortly afterwards, Stretton revealed that she had COPD – a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that makes breathing difficult. After that, the family says the nanny stayed in her bedroom, coming out for meals but nothing else.

Marcella responded to this announcement saying, “You never told me you were sick.” Yet, according to the mother, reducing her responsibilities did not alter the situation because she still did “absolutely nothing.”

Via Fox News:

“I had a whole month of her just staying in her room,” Bracamonte said. She added that the family had drafted up a letter making clear Stretton would leave the residence, but the nanny said the document “wasn’t legal” and “slammed the door in my face.”

The mother of three children — ages 11, 4 and 16 months — said Stretton has now agreed to move by July 4 on one condition: the weather.

“She said she’ll only leave if the weather is cool then and it will take her three days to do it,” said Bracamonte, who noted that she recently learned Stretton had been homeless for nine years.

Bracamonte said her sister’s wedding is on Thursday and that the family had planned to be away. She said several of her in-laws will be at the house when Stretton moves.

Exasperated, Mrs. Bracamonte had to quit the business she had just started.

“She had an attitude about watching the children [and] never helped me with meals (but was definitely there to eat them),” Marcella said about Stretton.

When the nanny told her about the COPD she suffered from, Bracamonte said, “I didn’t know what it was or what it meant. Then I saw her start panting for breath every time I had asked her to wash a dish. However, when it came to swimming or going to a museum, she never skipped a beat. She is a scam artist.”

Perhaps this will provide a tough but valuable lesson to all on the importance of getting to know your nanny before allowing them to live with you.


Photo Credit: Fox News

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